Glenbeg Bothy

Glenbeg bothy

T'was a dreich forecast. Apocalyptic rainfall and wind enough to rattle the very fabric of the highlands. Staying indoors was indeed the sensible choice but having served an apprenticeship in the Glasgow University Mountaineering Club, sensible isn't the only option. And so it came to pass that two intrepid souls biked into the bothy at Glenbeg for a night away from the 'real world' and all its current woes.

The aforementioned wind rendered the hills effortless and excellent progress was made along the track from the south. However, the last few miles of untrodden and most certainly sodden terrain proved challenging to ones woefully inadequate approach shoes. Upon reaching the bothy, we found we had it to ourselves unsurprisingly and settled in to our nights abode. The stove purred away boiling water for first tea then pasta followed by tea again. (It turns out tea bags do go out of date despite the authors protestations to the contrary and I will duly update my stock as per instructions!)

And finally to the real reason many of us frequent these fine establishments; namely camaraderie and escapism! What better than a bothy fire whilst completing the time honoured tradition of filling in the visitors book and reading the tales of those who came before. As is so very often the case, a not insignificant proportion of the fire's heat escapes up the chimney but nevertheless there remains a uniquely psychological warmth. This is a special time. The fire crackles away in the background whilst the fire raisers sip whisky and put the world to rights or simply stare into the embers, content in their moment of reflection. Any night spent by the bothy fire is one to remember long after the event.

Scotland, October 2018

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